Sharyn Nichols, MDP, MA, MFT, CHA

Sharyn Nichols is co-founder and a founding board member of the Institute of Modern Wisdom, a 501c3 educational foundation, where she served as its Treasurer for four years.  In 2015, she transitioned to her new post as Hospitality Director, inspired to create new avenues of support for IMW’s Vision, while weaving participation with the greater community, near and far.

Having earned a BSBA from Boston University, and a Masters of Arts in Psychology from Pepperdine University, she has established a well-rounded private practice, blending concepts from her psychotherapeutic training with her education from the many courses and trainings offered by the IMW. 

Beginning in 2009, Sharyn has personally traveled through the Modern Day Priestess® Training twice, has been a Teacher Trainer for three years, and is deeply committed to the life-enhancing and transformative power this Program.

She has dedicated her life to personal transformation and growth, becoming a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor, as well a certified Hand Print Analyst. 

In addition to raising three incredible children, Sharyn also teaches Psychology at West Los Angeles College and proudly serves as a Regional Board member for the Anti-Defamation League.  


Sach Prakash, MDP, MWP, LMT

Sach Prakash is co-founder of Earth Ayni, a powerful center for healing, indigenous wisdom, and earth-aligned building education located in Costa Rica.  She began her walk as a Medicine Woman by transforming her personal wounds, Samscaras, into sources of power and wisdom, aligning with her Dharmic soul-path. 

She anchors in healing from a place of deeply-abiding Compassion and Love. She attunes with Universal Principles and Laws, and is committed to be in reverent service and in Ayni (right-relationship) with Mother Earth and all our relations.  

Prakash is a Certified Practitioner with the Institute of Modern Wisdom, a graduate of the Master’s Level Certification Curriculum with The Four Winds Society of Shamanic studies in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition, a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Master, a Certified Crystal Healer, a Certified Gong Healing Practitioner, and a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

She is currently in training as a Facilitator in Transformational Breath. Undeniably, Sach Prakash exemplifies what it is to be a walking meditation in human form.



Marianne Mitchell, MDP, MWP

Marianne Mitchell is an IMW-Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner, KRI-Certified Aquarian Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ancient Wisdom Teacher, and a Spiritual Counselor. She holds a variety of additional certifications and trainings.  

Marianne is Director of Certification and Director of Sacred Ceremony for the Institute of Modern Wisdom as well as being a member of the IMW Elder Council and Director of the Practitioner Core.

With a thriving private practice in Asheville, NC, she works with both individuals and groups, and regularly teaches tele-classes on spirituality and healing.  She also co-facilitiates seasonal cleanses, as well as co-teaching the 2015/16 Modern Day Priestess® Training.

She is extraordinarily gifted in weaving together a rich toolkit of modalities, including intuitive guidance and wholistic consulting to support individuals and groups at the level of mind, body and spirit to hold each one in Remembering more fully who they are.  

Marianne offers private sessions, distance sessions, Divine Feminine Shamanic Circles, Shamanic Men’s Council, Co-ed Mystic Circles®, Kundalini Yoga, and Meditation Classes. 

She also offers Land Ceremonies and Blessings as well as Rites of Passage for all stages of life.