Modern Day Priestess®

- Since 2007 -


Celebrating 14 Years & 17 Generations of Modern Day Priestesses® in the World!

  Institute of Modern Wisdom presents.... Modern Day Priestess® Training

...inviting you to be one of the Initiates of 2020

inviting you to... Remember Who You Are®

We have been training Women from all walks of life, throughout the world,

in the sacred traditions of a Modern Day Priestess path...

Weaving the Ageless Wisdom Mysteries, the Ancient Temple Practices, with Modern, Practical Technologies and Tools, operating with studied skill and empowered understanding - 

- Cultivating, Informing, & Evoking -

To be an inspired Conscious Contribution, a deeply-rooted Beneficial Presence

navigating this Modern-Day technocratic world we live in.

What does it mean to be Authentically Spiritual?

Unstoppably Creative?

Mystically Powerful?

Truly Free?

JOIN US, the Ones Who Are Remembering... 

with Love, abiding Peace, deep Understanding of the Mechanics, Creative Flow, and Intelligence of the Universe... living a life from unstoppable Inspiration.. 


Join Modern-day Mystery School,  Institute of Modern Wisdom's founder  Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD and

Certified IMW Wisdom Practitioners & Master Teachers 

for a powerful 10-Moon Training-in-Consciousness 

- Heart, Soul, Body, Mind -

Visible, Invisible; Seen, Unseen 

  A deeply evocative, life-transforming experience,

Realize & Center into your Dharmic Path of Soul Purpose..

Meet and Remember your Beautiful Sacred Nature as a Modern Day Priestess®

along with hundreds of other vibrant, smart, conscious women,

living a lives of Contribution, Receptivity, and dynamic Radiance..    

  Will you Say Yes to the Brilliance of Your Soul?

- the Power of your Path, the Beauty and Grace of your Feminine Wisdom?

We are here... for You. 

- We Believe -


That all of Life is Sacred.

That your life is an expression of the Infinite, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Creative Source.

That all of life is connected

We are One with All - there is no separation - we are each individual emanations of the One.

All of life is interdependent, including the life of our home, Mother Earth.

We believe in the power of Consciousness,

and that which you know (at every level of consciousness) will be your life experience.

We are very clear that every human is encoded with Greatness and an undeniable, unique, necessary contribution that only she or he can create and give.

We acknowledge the immutable laws of the Universe, the steadfast Principles, and the unstoppable force of Infinite Creativity.

We activate these laws and principles with conscious, empowered understanding of both the Divine Feminine and Masculine energetics and the mechanics of the Universe with the use of practical tools, spiritual technologies, and multi-dimensional modalities.

We are committed to being a Beneficial Presence

for ourselves, our families, our communities,

and for the world at large.

- Say Yes -


In this Modern Day Priestess® Training you will fundamentally Remember Who You Are® ...deeply, powerfully, and authentically - from the Inspired place of your Soul's Eternal Wisdom.... 

How incredibly Empowering it will be for you to move through this Amazing Journey of Discovery, Remembering, Integrating, & Embodying an Activation of your Essential Nature as a

Conscious Woman, 

bringing the Wisdom of the Ages, the Power of a Mystic, and the Pure Expression of Your Soul - into this Modern Day... 

We are Here, Now, Very On Purpose...

YOU, as Contributor of your Unique Gifts and Talents...

YOU, as a Radiant Atmosphere of Possibility and Truth... 

YOU, deeply aligned with your Highest Self, 

in absolute flow with and as the One... 

YOU, as a powerful Presence - birthing, growing, establishing what only YOU can deliver...

YOU, a Modern Mystic - with adroit Understanding of the Mechanics of the Universe - Seen + Unseen...weaving and working with nimble Discernment and facile, capable Mystic Acumen.

YOU, with an easy understanding of how Science meets Spirituality, elevating your ability to create your Reality from the inspiration of your Soul.

YOU, allowing the Remembering to Pour Forth, here + now, creating a World that Works for EveryOne...

This just might be the year to opt-in to this vital, current-day, modern-mystery-school Training for Women. You and the stellar women who join you, will be the generation of 2020

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