Mystery School

Seasonal Immersions -

Beginning in the Fall, we meet four times over the year, coinciding with each season.  

Each Immersion begins on Thursday evenings, with Opening Circle and go through the following Monday afternoon, with Closing Circle.

Within the portals of each Immersion, we move and advance through themes of self-investigation and understanding, to relationships of all kinds, to the dynamic nature of group consciousness, to being the living embodiment of one's fundamental magnificence.

In true-to-form alignment with ancient mystery school trainings, we honor and are directed by the singular brilliance of each one's individual soul trajectory - meaning:  every single experience and training is utterly unique, though we all travel through similar initiations and activations.  Though you will be given invitations and explorations and assignments, you will never be given a syllabus.  This is an evocative training.

This Generation's Immersion Dates:

MDP l ~ Nov 9-13, 2017, 

MDP ll ~ Feb 15-19, 2018,

MDP lll ~ May 17-21, 2018,

MDP lV(Initiation) ~ Aug 9-13, 2018

Betwixt & Between -

Before, During, and After each Seasonal Immersion you are supported by an Elder Priestess... 

One who has been traveling this sacred spiral path for years, who deeply understands the unraveling and also the Remembering...

One who will hold you to your inherent Magnificence as never before... 

Your Priestess Mentor will vitalize and know the living Truth of You and what you are capable of - even in those moments when you forget... which, you will.  We all do.  And then - we Remember, again.

You will receive several evocative invitations, explorations, and assignments during these in-between-immersion times to engage with in the laboratory of your own life.

You will begin to fundamentally understand that your life - particularly in the most mundane of moments - is the Living Temple, timeless, ageless.  Here & now.

This is when you begin to bring forth your Walk as a Modern Day Priestess.   Your assignments, tools, experiential, readings, and practices will burn away that which is not the fundamental Truth of you, and they will strengthen you.  

Not only will you Remember more and more as each opening in you occurs, you will be nourished, fortified, empowered, inspired, and emboldened.  The betwixt and between invitations will stretch you to meet the excellence of your Soul - a brilliant rising-forth, a joyous birthing.  

You must be willing for total alchemy. Alchemy in service to the Magnificence of your Soul. 

The Embodiment -

The moment you say Yes to this Training, great alchemy ignites.  The Love-Intelligence of the Universe begins to move upon your life, in accordance with your Yes. 

The inherent brilliance of your very own soul awakens in a way you cannot possibly imagine or understand before this moment.

This is not a casual appointment, nor a soul-sister retreat (though, believe us, these women whom you'll travel with, you have known for lifetimes...).  

This Training is not theoretical in nature; it is immersive, demanding, and clarifying.  You will move through the Holy Fire and Rise like a Phoenix from the Flames.  

If you, indeed, authentically say Yes, you will fundamentally and inextricably Remember Who You Are.  

If you say Yes - 

You will know your Magnificence, 

You will breathe It, It will breathe You - 

You will become the Living Evidence.

Once you Know YourSelf, you cannot turn back...

You have answered the Clarion Call of your Soul.

It is time.  We are here.