Institute of Modern Wisdom presents....
Modern Day Priestess® Training 
inviting you to be one of the Initiates of 2016/17...
..Remember Who You Are®

An Invitation for You to Join
Modern-day Mystery School,
Institute of Modern Wisdom's founder 
Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c) and
Certified IMW Teacher Trainers
this November 2016-August 2017
for a powerful 10-Moon Tr

In this Modern Day Priestess® Training you will fundamentally Remember Who You Are® ...deeply, powerfully, and truly, from that Inspired place of your Soul's Eternal Wisdom....

*Because of the intimate nature and format of this Training, there are only 12 Spots Available for this remarkable Life-Transformative Training!* 

Will you Say Yes to the Brilliance of Your Soul, the Power of your Path, the Beauty of your Feminine Wisdom and Sisterhood?
We are here... for You..

  Modern Day Priestess®

A deeply evocative, life-transforming experience..


Realize and Center into your Dharmic Path..


Meet, and Remember your Beautiful, Sacred Nature as a Modern Day Priestess, along with hundreds of other vibrant, smart, conscious women, living a life of Contribution, Receptivity, and Radiance..  

Dates for 2016/167 Training  ~

Ojai, California:
MDP l ~ November 3-7, 2016
MDP ll ~ January 26-30, 2017
MDP lll ~ May 4-8, 2017
MDP lV(Initiation) ~ August 3-7, 2017


How incredible will it be for you to be one of the Priestesses moving through this Amazing Journey of Discovery, Remembering, Integrating, and simple, practical Activation of your essential nature as a Conscious Woman, bringing the Wisdom of the Ages, incorporating so usefully and easily into this modern day...YOU, as Contribution of your Unique Gifts and Talents...YOU, as a Radiant atmosphere of Possibility and Truth... YOU, sweetly aligned with your Highest Self, in absolute flow with and as the One...  This just might be the year to opt-in to this vital, current-day, modern-mystery-school Training for Women.  You and the stellar women who join you, will be the generation of, in the deepest yearnings of your beautiful sacred Soul, along with this current-day world in which you live, are waiting for your emergence, to actualize, to be and express what you came here for...join us, the ones who are Remembering...with Love, abiding Peace, deep Understanding and full Inspiration..

...Join the Institute of Modern Wisdom Community and founder Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c). and Certified IMW Teacher Trainers this fall for a year-long Training that will simply change everything about who you are in the world.  This work goes well beyond 'finding your path' ~ it is no less than tapping into the deepest aspects of your Soul, your Divinity, your connection to the Absolute Nature of Who You Brilliantly Are, bringing you into the full Radiance of You, an unfettered, clear and whole Being here to deeply abide by and from the eternal Wisdom encoded within...

The Priestess Training differs in from the Alchemist(for men) Training in respect that it invites the Modern Day Conscious Woman to fully access her radiant, deeply imbued capacity to work multi-dimensionally with ease and grace, while living a life of sweet contribution and abundant receptivity. We honor the Sacred Feminine as she experiences the uniqueness of inherent qualities of her own Self...Intuitive Flow, Generosity, Seeing Through Appearances with her diffuse Awareness, healthy, vibrant, honoring Inter-dependence of Communion with herSelf and the Beloveds in her from Inspiration rather than simply coping with surface phenomena... We have been so well-groomed to live a life activated in our Masculine Energetic (albiet, a bit unbalanced)'s time to wake the sweet, unfettered Feminine - together, as She is Inviting us to do ?

In this Training you will integrate Ageless Wisdom Tools to help ground you in your practices and understandings. We activate the Ancient Wisdom Ways for practical, grounded, use in this Modern-day Technocratic world we are currently experiencing. We meet 4 times a year for long weekends (Thurs eve Opening Circle thru Mon noon Visioning & Closing Circle), anchoring with the seasonal flow. In between our sessions, you will be vibrantly engaged in projects, assignments, invitations, support calls, and spiritual practices.
Yes, there is a Required (and Recommended) Reading List - which you receive upon Registration. The tuition covers all lodging, meals, and your Training for the entire year - you simply need to get there ; >. In our final weekend, we come together for Initiation - from all over the nation, past and present Modern Day Priestess Initiates, in a weekend of anchoring-in to What You Have Said Yes To and profound Love and Celebration; you will be seen, honored, and amplified, just as in true Mystery School fashion.

The Intention behind and the Invitation to You regarding these Trainings is to align as the Modern Conscious Woman into a deep understanding and embodiment of your walk in this lifetime as not only the living radiance of the Divine Feminine, but to provide pragmatic tools which evoke, activate and place you in intimate communion with the innate multi-dimensional Self and all living beings.  We study Prayer, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, the Sacred Feminine, the Mechanics of the Universe, Visioning, Circle work, the Esoteric, Women's Cycles, Energy Work, Pranayam, Sound Healing, Goddess Archetypes, Practical Mysticism, Shamanism, Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, how to lead event/retreats, Earth Medicine, Ancestral and Ancient Wisdom and more..

...Essentially, we're bringing the Mystic out of the proverbial closet and settin' her loose on the streets, equipped with a Vibrant Consciousness, practical tools, oriented in the Boundless Wisdom of her Heart.

Incoming Priestesses >
(Please note that our weekends together are longer - they go from Thursday evening to Monday lunchtime - we need this time to integrate all of the experiences!)

 *For those of you who want to go even deeper as Practitioners of what you will learn and remember, there is a second year of refined depth in the Certification Program culminating with a panel and exam*

~ ~ Here are a few words from previous participants ~>

"This experience changed me forever. I know that I will never look at Mother Earth, my relationships, or myself, the same way - ever again. I am already more conscious of everything around me..." - Kim B., business woman, Toronto, Canada

........"How do I capture in words what this Training has meant to me? Every moment and sacred breath of my life from now on is shaped by the magic I experienced during these "time between times". I am so grateful...Like all true journeys, it was plenty challenging -I have lovingly referred to it as "Modern Day Priestess Boot-in-the-ass-Camp"- it has been joyful, painful, extraordinary and worth every spectacular second! Here I have met my family. I have come home to Avalon..." - Valarie E., therapist, artist, Cleveland, Ohio

>>> "How does one truly thank someone for helping them remember who they are and what they are here to do? ...the answer is to step completely into my role as a Modern Day Priestess, standing tall in the truth of who I am..." - Melissa B., mother and Pilates instructor, Carlisle, PA

This Training, with a sincere YES, will Open You to Your Birth-Right AMAZINGNESS, as you've not yet here-to-fore known ...doesn't mean it will always be comfortable... always will mean your Soul's Love is at hand, guiding you perfectly...

Tuition and Enrollment ~
*an interview/application with a Teacher Trainer or an IMW Certified Wisdom Practitioner Priestess will happen prior to registration to verify that this is the right fit for You.  This is an incredibly activating, transformative, provocative Portal and Training-in-Consciousness and will ask you to go very deep + get really authentic -- this Training is not for You if now is not the time for this kind of evocative growth! 

On-Site Pricing - includes ALL LODGING, MEALS, and TRAINING!!: (on-site is strongly recommended, for full immersion with group)

Deposit: $700, payable to Institute of Modern Wisdom by check or cc.
To Register with your Deposit via Paypal click here: 

: $5595
*Must be paid in full by September 15, 2016*
To Register in Full via Paypal, please click here:

$6250 ($700 deposit + 10 payments of $555)
Due in installments by credit card. $700.00 deposit due by September 15, 2016. - With your deposit, please indicate that this is what you are choosing ~
*Your first payment of $555 will be ignite in October 2016. The remaining payments are due on the 5th of each following month and will be deducted AUTOMATICALLY via credit card.

Commuter pricing - available - please inquire.

Refund Policy: All requests to withdraw from the course must be received in writing. Those withdrawing prior to September 15 are eligible for a refund, minus a non-refundable $330 administrative fee. Those withdrawing after September 15 but before the start of the 2nd weekend are eligible for a partial refund, minus fixed course costs which include location fees, materials fees, and prorated sections of the course already taken.

Weekend Modules always begin Thursday evening and wrap the following Monday by 3pm *if you have an issue with one of the weekend dates, notify us so we can work with you -

Your course fee includes:

  • ALL ACCOMMODATIONS (shared) and MEALS - 5 Days/4 Nights x 4, plus vibrant, healthy gourmet meals in stunning locations!
  • Over 200 hours of in-person classroom instruction over the course of 10 months (we meet once every ~ 3 months, always from Thursday evenings through Monday 1pm; our mornings start @ 6:15am with yoga and meditation and typically end with a mediation in the evening around 9:30pm)
  • Training in Consciousness enabling you to live a Mystically Practical Multi-dimensional life, anchored in Spiritual Principle and Universal Law, and evoking Ancient Wisdom Modalities such as Pranayam (Breath-work) and deep Soul Work (enabling past-life awareness and the capacity to clear one's own lineage constrictions). 
  • While this Training is for EVERYONE, if you so choose to become a Certified Practitioner of the Healing Modalities (including Circle Work), after Initiation the Certification Process will be available to you.
  • Supportive Conference and Training calls in between our meetings
  • Upon Initiation, invitation to be a part of monthly Priestess Prayer Calls, invitation to the Certification and/or Teacher-Training processes, and invites to all private Priestess gatherings, retreats, and sacred journeys with a deeply sacred, fun, and incredible group of conscious, contribution-oriented women and men who've gone through the Alchemist Training
  • Assignments that are given before the Training begins and in-between the Weekend Modules that we meet 
  • If you are staying on-site (recommended), meals and lodging are included; if you are Commuting, meals are included
  • Initiation Ceremony..

You are responsible for attending and paying for:

  1. An initial application Interview with Rev. Kate or one of the IMW Certified Wisdom Teacher Trainers to verify that this provocative, immersive, and tremendously evocative Training is the right fit for You at this point in your Spiritual Awakening Journey.
  2. Weekend Modules  - Thursday evenings thru Monday 3pm
  3. At least one session with Rev. Kate or a Certified Priestess/Alchemist
  4. Required Readings, all assignments

Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c), is founder and Spiritual Director of the Modern Day Mystery School, Institute of Modern Wisdom. For over 10 years, Kate studied under the tutelage of Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, which holds her license. She has been steeped in practical New Thought teachings and has exp[erienced deep immersions in various indigenous Elders and Mystics from Africa to the Amazon, and the Far East to home, here in North America with Cherokee clan leader, the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.

Rev. Kate has been leading world-wide Sacred Journeys and Retreats since 2002 and is deeply committed to the legacy and intelligence of the Ageless Mystery School practices. She has been called an "Alchemist of Delight", infusing humor, wisdom, and mystical union into the heart of each program she offers. Rev. Kate specializes in the pragmatic capacity of working multi-dimensionally to facilitate the human experience ~ in Animal and Plant Spirit Medicines, with the Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters, in the Sacred Geometry of Sound, Shamanic use of the Breath, and in bridging Ancient Wisdom Ways of Earth Medicine Traditions with Modern Day practical technologies through the Modern Day Priestess and Alchemist Trainings she created in 2006. She is deeply committed to Right Relationship, beginning with the Self, extending to All of our Relations

Please visit our fb page, Institute of Modern Wisdom, for more interesting and exciting events! Or, visit our website, for more info/to register.

Many Blessings to You and your Beloveds!!!

Info and Testimonials ~

"This message is for you It is from my heart and soul.  I simply said 'yes'.  To what, I had no idea.  In fact no one in my group had any idea.  We showed up for this Modern Day Priestess experience based on 'trust' alone.  'Yes', it was as simple as that.  The experience changed me forever.  I know that I will never look at Mother Earth, my relationships or myself, the same way, ever again.  I am already more conscious of everything around me.  In this first session alone, I learned so much.  Among the many things, I learned about the power of effective breathing and how to listen to my heart. I learned to love and honor myself and to envision my true path, and trust in it.  By simply being "open", I was able to participate in the various exercises, and go home with tools that I can, and will, use. Not just for myself, but for others as well.  I feel more educated in so many ways, and I am truly interested in learning more.  I have only been home a couple of days, but I am already feeling and seeing the positive impact this is having on my family, my business and myself.  It's really very powerful.  I am forever grateful to you Kate, for sharing space with us.  You are love itself.  You are far beyond words.  As for your 'yes', simply know, your message was received.  You have served us well.  We are here.  I am forever grateful to all those who participated, to the "very" special person who invited me, and to Nina for her heartfelt contribution and support.  I am excited about today.  I am excited about tomorrow.  I look forward to the next session." Kim B ~ mother, business woman, Toronto, Canada

My dearest Kate -

How does one truly thank someone for helping them remember who they are and what they are here to do?  The answer is love; simply to spread the light and love that is manifested so beautifully as this wonderfully full woman known to all of us as Kate Rodger.  The answer is to step completely into my role as a Modern Day Priestess, standing tall in the truth of who I am and being a reflection of this incredible teacher, friend, goddess and soul mate who I am - one with as the Divine Spirit.

I think the moment it finally clicked in with me was when you told us that you had absolute faith in us doing this work, because it was simply a matter of us remembering who we were, and what we already knew.  There's nothing for us to figure out in our heads, it's simply opening our hearts and trusting that the universe fully supports us when we're in our Dharma.  I thank you for all the homework assignments and training you have put together, enabling each of us to unlock the universal wisdom and guidance, and lighting the way for each of us to follow our own path. It is with complete gratitude to you that I know I will embrace and be an extension of the work you have been doing with such grace and ease.  I now am a beacon of light in my family and community, and will inspire others to rediscover what they are here to do. I release my full presence and commitment in being one with all.  I am so happy and proud to be a ripple in the pond, vibrating with the energy the Divine Spirit is.  The beauty I am is the beauty you are.  It is a full circle of love and ever revealing.  And so it is..

- Always love,  Melissa, mother and Pilates instructor, Carlisle, PA

I am so thankful and so grateful for all you have helped me remember on this journey.  I feel such a dramatic shift in my soul's joy as I remember the truth of who I am.  I recall with gratitude the first day we met in Tucson, and the very first session and the amazing, soul-freeing experience.  The MDP training has continued to build on this.  Thank you for choosing me to participate.  I have gained so many tools, learned such valuable lessons, made amazing friends, and grown tremendously.  I honor you for creating and holding space for me, for all of us in this first training, and for those yet to come.  What you're doing is so important and makes a huge difference.  You are truly a gifted healer and I'm in awe of how you radiate so beautifully, sitting on the floor in front of the altar in our sacred space at the trainings.  I love and honor you with every breath, as the fabric of who I am and my vibration has been elevated from knowing and learning from you. 

This training has also been a lot of fun and all of us have shared so many great times laughing and being silly, allowing the little girl in all of us to come out and play.  We are redefining the female paradigm of honoring and "being with" one another only in love, which is also so very important.

The best is surely yet to come!

I bring the medicine of the Owl

Elizabeth, owner of Kiss the Girls T-Shirt Co., Tucson, AZ

How do I capture in words what this Training has meant to me? 
Every moment and sacred breath of my life from now on is shaped by the magic I experienced during these "time between times". I am so grateful that the paths of our lives have crossed (creating quite a vortex I must say!); it has truly been a journey.  Like all true journeys, it was plenty challenging -I have lovingly referred to it as "Modern Day Priestess Boot-in-the-ass-Camp"- it has been joyful, painful, extraordinary and worth every spectacular second!  Here I have met my family.  I have come home to Avalon.  Found my Soul.  Sisters.  Priestesses.  And the Lady Kate, your humor, your honesty, your beauty, strength and love is an inspiration.  I admire you. I honor your walk and the walk of each woman; I am in such deep gratitude.  More and more each day I am living bliss and I say proudly: I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be, the woman I always knew I was.  Because of this training, I know Love, I know it as every Holy Woman in this training, I know it as the flow of everything and no-thing, and I know it as me. And so, as I ponder what else to say, I am led to an old Goddess Prayer, one I've said many times; and it dawns on me that our time together creating the temple of this Modern Mystery School has been like living this prayer.. Valarie E. - therapist, artist, Cleveland, Ohio


Thank you for being the beacon of light that illuminated the path of Love for me.

 Thank you for  truly "seeing" me. The training was exciting, illuminating, interesting, emotional, overwhelming (at times ~ how divine!), FUN, insightful, challenging, creative, resonant, beautiful, and valuable beyond comprehension. It has expanded and deepened all of my relationships and allowed me to view the world and myself with the vibration of love and oneness. I cannot imagine my life any other way.

Trusting in the Silence.

Living in the Mystery.

Guided and driven by Love and Beauty.

In alignment with the One.. And so It Is.

~ in Deepest gratitude, from my Heart ~


CMT, Mom, Dancer, Fitness Trainer, Healer, Bartender, Albuquerque, NM

Remember Who You Are®